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     DJIA #: 97 - July 12-14, 2024     
Club Services
We send the premiums
We accept the entries - ONLINE or Mail
We send you the catalogs
Electronic Draw - Online Running Orders
Results - Event Reports
Process Overview
Many events, one central solution
Club commits to allow Entry Express to manage your event Submit your Premium mailing list in Word or Excel. Entry Express sends premiums to all handlers on premium list Handlers enter Online or via mail to Entry Express Entry Express performs electronic draw and posts running order on the web Entry Express ships catalog and net check to club
Send us your premium mailing list and use our online tool to submit your event information, including your logo. Clubs can store as many premiums as necessary and use previous premiums for new events, simply modify the dates and judging information.

Starting a new club and don't have a premium mailing list? We can automatically send premiums to everyone registered in your area.

Handlers can request to be added to your premium mailing list and, upon a club representatives electronic authorization, they will be added to your list. All handlers requesting ePremiums will be approved as there is no cost to the club.

Save MONEY by sending premiums electronically. Handlers may request ePremiums and be removed from your hardcopy mailing list. There is no cost to the club or handler for this service.

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 Electronic Draw - Running Orders

Everything is ONLINE! Your entry list is built and available for all to view as handlers enter your event online. Handlers entering via mail will be entered and posted online as they are received.

The running order will be performed by our Electronic Draw tool immediately after the close of the event. Our system will split multiple dog handlers by 4 dogs.

Note: At the club's discretion, the close date may be moved closer to the event date since the catalogs are generated automatically after the running order is complete.

Our catalogs will be the talk of the gallery. Sleek and efficient design (see sample). Each stake's entries, and event reports are included in each catalog as well as available online. Dog reports by age, sex, and breed are including in each catalog for each stake. Handler reports allow you to see all entries for each handler at a glance and accurate owner address information as also in every catalog.
When available in the near future, EntryExpress will electronically report event results to AKC.