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Handle dogs.... not paperwork
We send the premiums
We accept the entries - ONLINE, Mail, Fax
We send you the catalogs
Electronic Draw - Online Running Orders
Results - Event Reports
Putting on an event just got easier and less expensive
Register your club - FREE.
Send us your premium mailing list.
We send you a check and your catalogs.
That's it!
Many events, one central solution

We send the premiums - ePremiums and mail.
We accept the entries - ONLINE,Mail,Fax
We ship you the catalogs .
Its ACCURATE, FAST, and INEXPENSIVE. Advanced technology allows us to do it cheaper than you can do it yourself.

Enter in seconds
Enter multiple dogs in multiple stakes in seconds - ONLINE.
Get the running order minutes after closing.
Sign up for ePremiums and email notification.
All your information stored FREE and SECURE.
View all event entries and results.
Our Philosophy
Revolutionizing the dog games
Why not have one central Event Secretary for all events? All premiums, all entries, all catalogs, and all event reporting. All information stored in one place. View the entries for all events, view the results, view dog and handler performance history, etc... The basic principle of electronic information means lower costs for everyone. Online entries, electronic premiums, email notifications, new standardized catalogs, and our event reports will revolutionize the dog games.

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Our Technology - You can't beat it!
Database and Web Applications
We use only the latest and greatest in Microsoft technologies. Our applications are built using the most powerful, secure and robust technologies available, Mircosoft .NET platform. For our robust data warehouse we use the proven scalability, stability, and security of Microsoft's SQL Server.

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