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News and Improvements
Entry Express has implemented some changes to its entry process that provide greater convenience to all of its users who scratch entries. All scratches processed by Entry Express will now be accomplished online 24/7 just like you entered by going to the actual entry on the "View Entries" page of the affected event and clicking the red scratch label by the dog you wish to scratch. From there just follow the instructions/prompts. Scratches can no longer be processed by call or email to entry express support, so be prepared to take advantage of this new convenience.

Other changes have been implemented to accommodate recent AKC changes related to AKC Hunting Tests that include a limited master stake. All such hunting tests will now have a standard opening date & time on Wednesday at 8PM CT nearest to 3 weeks prior to the event start. Limited master tests also can now have a waiting list where those wishing to enter can waitlist full stakes and be assured of first listed, first entered if scratches occur prior to the event closing. And with the online, 24/7 scratch process, events should never close with less than the limit where there exists others desiring to enter and are waitlisted. Scratches after the event close are still handled by the clubs. In addition, clubs will now have the ability to reserve up to 15% of the limited master limit for their workers.

Entry Express supports the AKC in its efforts to make the entry process as fair and transparent as reasonably possible. If you have any questions please contact Entry Express support at 800-863-DOGS (3647) during normal business of 9-5 CT, Monday - Friday.

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