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     DJIA #: 77 - January 20-22, 2017     
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EntryExpress Announcement 2/04/2016
Entry Express will be requesting that you update your user profile in the very near future – but not yet, wait for the email notification to begin the process. EntryExpress is currently in the process of developing new services that will provide additional automated, real time information to our clubs and users. As an early part of the current development, EE is expanding the user and dog profiles to correct and add information to facilitate the identification of amateur handler accomplishments as related to handling dogs in AKC retriever field trial All-age stakes and to identify amateur handlers in AKC retriever hunting tests master stakes. All of this effort is to help clarify and effectively report the accomplishments of amateurs to facilitate qualification in the Master Amateur Retriever Club’s Master Amateur Invitational to be held in 2017 and beyond & to clarify amateur handling in the All-age stakes of AKC retriever field trials related to qualification for the National Amateur Retriever Championship. An additional security step is also being added as part of this process. EE is even developing a means for non-EE clubs to enter their running orders and results so those results too will count toward the various national event qualifications and awards. Another very important reason for this added service is to preserve completely, all dog and handler event performance results historically.

Beginning in 2003, EntryExpress quickly became the community’s most complete, reliable and stable entry service providing clubs and individual enthusiasts the most efficient and complete menu of services and information available. EntryExpress is still working hard to be THE entry service for clubs, clubs secretaries and users of our services. EE provides a complete service focused on the event setup process for clubs and their event needs which include catalogs, AKC event applications, ribbons and various club products. EE also provides for the complete event entry process for users including a 24/7 automated means for event entry, wait listing, scratches and also provides the reporting of points and passes for national event qualifications as the official entry service of the National Retriever Club, the National Amateur Retriever Club and the Master Amateur Retriever Club. As a related by-product, EE maintains performance history for club events, dog performance and handler performance for various annual awards.

So, thanks for your support, gather needed information (your required current, accurate personal information, your judge’s number & your active dog(s) registrations information) and be looking for the notice stating when it is time to update your user and dog profiles – but not yet. EE will send you a notice so you won’t have to duplicate the effort and won’t be caught having to update profiles when you want to enter events.

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